Honestly, I am only interested in formal relationships – personal, tribal, business or other wise. I am only interested in seeing you competent, whole, and functional – ALL. THE. TIME 👑

I can only meet you in the God Zone. Let’s sit down, and agree to a Mutually beneficial energetic transaction and policy, then let’s discuss the clauses to cancel our transaction if either party breaches the agreement.

Oh what’s that? You want someone to embrace and understand your entire humanity, even the ugly parts? Nice. Translation: You want somewhere to take a shit, you want someone to throw up on, you want someone to misbehave towards and dump all of your trauma triggers on.

You want to be cared for and loved so deeply that no matter what you do, they refuse to leave. They stay put to “help you work through it”. Sounds disgusting but Awesome! No judgement here. Now take that shitty contract to someone else, who is unwise and Co-dependent enough to agree to those terms. Yes, this is the purpose for most informal relationships. To be the toilet. People tend to shit, throw up on, and misbehaved towards those they are most comfortable, familiar, and personable with. They figure, You care about me, You love me, You’re not going anyway I can show you my worst.

Then after they’re done taking a long Diarrhea load shit, they go out and treat their formal relationships and environments with the upmost respect no matter what’s going on in their personal lives. No complaints here. There is a seat for every ass, and we are all responsible for the contracts we agree to. There is a difference between how people behave, and look, at home compared to at the night club, on vacation, or at their job. As for me: I can only meet you in the upper room, of your consciousness. You want to be your most raw human self don’t you? You want to cry sometimes, scream, catch an unjust attitude, and sort of just randomly do as you feel when you feel like it, don’t you? No real consistent obligations or standards for your behavior, because that gets boring and Rigid doesn’t it?

You want to laugh, “love” each other, and create memories scaling from the good, the bad, and the ugly? You want a brother, sister, man, woman, a true ride of die connection in your life. You want a listening ear to hear your 10 hour long complex emotional maze of horror, fear, insecurities, and doubts. You want a place to comfortably fart, and not be judged. You want to just be a raw human being with a range of emotional states, behaviors, and all that stuff? Great!

Sounds like amazing Theater, with sprinkles of trauma porn. As for me: I can only see you in your God body. No shade to the psychological needs of your life. I get it. WE ALL NEED A PLACE TO SHIT.. That place, is NOT in my God Zone. Now, you like me? You want me? You want to make moves together? Can we agree to never use each other’s space as a shitting Destination? Then Sign on the dotted line, or go play with the other untamed gutter roaches of the world trying to find themselves. – Eli Markus







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