One of the coolest things I have seen in a while

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It took a minute to set up but once I got it going I felt like I could get lost for hours just looking at everything that I could think of … magnified.

Picture from the microscope.

The unit did ship with a battery included (18650 type battery), but I couldn’t wait for it to charge I was too eager to start using the instrument and I was pleasantly surprised when I read in the instructions that if you take the battery out completely and plug in the USB to the micro USB port you could power the unit using that instead of getting the auto shut-off because the battery isn’t charged enough.

Who can tell me what coin this is?

The build quality is sufficient but I felt like I didn’t want to overtighten it while assembling and it doesn’t seem like it would hold up to to very much abuse.

I would be very excited to get this as a gift at any age.

The microscope comes with a 32GB Micro SD card to store photos and videos on.

The item is a great value for what it provides. I love being able to see these coins from a new perspective. Another thing I really liked is that you don’t need to be in a well lit environment, because this thing has all the lighting that is needed built right in.

At $50 this is well worth it. I could absolutely pay three to four times that amount and still be happy. Just don’t be too hard on it and it will last longer I am sure, but it if I know one thing if you are like me it will get plenty of use. It is almost like having a superpower.

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